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Janata family

I founded Lentilka kindergarten with my husband when I finally decided to do what I had always wanted to. I succesfully completed my studies of medicine in Charles University of Prague in the field of general medicine and during these six years of study I gained a wealth of experience not only with adult men, but also with children. After our son and daughter were born, that triggered our vision for the environment in which we would like to raise our children. 

We place great emphasis on the selection of our teachers and their relationship with children. Our school has a beautiful and comfortable interior. When the weather is nice, games are moved to the garden. We prepare a rich program for children to develop their creativity, art, cooperation, tolerance and respect for different opinions.

If you are interested in attending Lentilka or more information, please feel free to contact us via contact form in the "Contact" section.


MUDr. Senta Janatová
director and owner of MŠ Lentilka